About us

Inspiring Creative Learners:

Through Faith and the Arts

A Fine Arts Program

Our program focuses on the integration of faith and fine arts across all subject areas, thus increasing the opportunities for student success.

It is common to see our students exploring theatre forms, creating visual arts, making movies on green screen, dancing in the halls and more, as they learn the Alberta Curriculum. Through this programming, our students are able to drive their own learning in innovative and creative ways which deepen their learning.

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Our teaching staff spends time and energy on Fine Arts and Faith filled PD activities throughout the year in order to be inspired and bring it to their teaching practice in each of our classrooms through integration and project based learning. Research shows this deepens student connections to learning and students have the potential to be more successful in their learning and assessment.

We are working together to focus on "GROWTH MINDSET" this year and positive mental health strategies due to COVID 19 stressors, as we continue our journey of inspiring creative learners at St. Dominic Fine Arts School.

This year, our students will participate in a Calgary Opera Artist in Residency. Students will create and write an opera, while they work with a professional composer, librettist and director, as well as technicians! The creative process will take the whole school year with a final production (possibly digital) at the end beginning of June.